Wednesday, November 19, 2014


A Four-Day experience to help you step out of the busyness of your everyday life and be aware of the inner rhythm of your Being!

1. Discovery of the Self and Self-Possession
2. Earth Consciousness and Rooted-ness

Self Discovery and Possession:
To get in touch with the Self; to heal the hurtful experiences that continue to bind and dominate our lives
Exploring One ’s Self
Relaxing and Unwinding
Healing the fragmented Self in a hurting world
Healing the whole person (Body-Mind-Spirit)
Gaining control (mastery) over Self

Earth Consciousness and Rooted-ness:
Finding the Sacred in all things!
Growing in Consciousness of the beauty and wonder of Mother
Understanding our connection (therefore Rooted ness and not alienation) with Creation
Caring for Mother Earth and sustaining her for future generations

Meditation, Painting, Dancing, Celebrating, Quieting...

Advised complete SILENCE during sessions!

ECHR followup: The Inner Strength to Keep on Going - Nov 5-6 2014.

Pediatric Health Camp for Tribal Children

Malhar Bal Melawa- 31 Aug 2014.

Inner Peace in God's Love- Malaysia May 2014

ECHR followup- Inner Peace in Daily Living- Aug 28-29 2014.

Academic Enrichment Program

Home Care Training for Tribals

Inner Peace in God's Service Malaysia May 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spirituality of the Poor, Johore Baru Malaysia June 2013

Integrated Human Development Council Leaders Retreat cum Workshop

The World Needs Spirit Filled Volunteers 

Basic Earth-Centered Healing Retreat, Baga May 2013

Living Retreat, live continuously in Jesus. 

Discovering Our True Selves Before God, Malaysia June 2013

"Wisdom is Entrusting your whole Life to God"

8000 Migrant Tribals Celebrate Gods Inclusive Love

Chota Nagpur Migrant Tribal Development (CMTD) is an initiative of Seva Niketan to bring together the migrant tribals of Mumbai.