Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Healing Forms - Inner Ecology Management Workshops, South Africa - Jan 2009

Paul Vaz held 3 workshops on "Inner Ecology Management" (New Healing Retreats) in January 2009 in South Africa.

Johannesberg (32 participants attended)

East London (49 participants attended)

Port Elizabeth (51 participants attended)

Capetown (36 participants attended)

There were business men and women, Professors, Teachers, young executives, students of accounting, advertising and marketing!

“The practice of compassionate self-awareness

Holistic Healing in a hurtful World

Affirmations: The Thinking of Jesus Himself

Visualization Prayer: The Mind Meets Jesus

Inner Healing : The Touch of Peace "

Coming Up - 3 Inner Ecology Management Workshops: Malaysia,India.