Thursday, November 25, 2010


Pope Benedict XVI,"Nature is the expression of God's love for mankind, not a mere source of wealth and exploitation in human needs."

We see ourselves caught doing "not what I want, but the very thing I hate," Consume more,Dispose and buy now,Buy more stuff, Use it and throw it away," our Ecological Sin,says Paul.

Above is the Spider's Web in the shape of a Cross -the mystical dimension of creation.The Spirit-friend of Sr.Arpitha.

If we stand up for the things of God,
this world will not accept us.
But Stand up;Stand firm,God's creation is being destroyed!

Friday, November 19, 2010

HYMN OF THE UNIVERSE (Teilhard): OCT. 2010

The Eucharist at the mountain top with the sound of waves crashing against the rocks and the lovely breeze whispering 'I love you' (sent by Priya).
This was the 56th Earth Centered Healing Retreat at Goa.